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Three things many clients of mine have in common...

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Men and women aren't typically coming to me to lose 100 pounds or learn the basics of working out for the first time ever (though I'm happy to work with you if you have goals like these!).

More typically, there are three things that I hear pretty regularly from clients who finally decide to reach out to me for a little help with their health and fitness:

1) Accountability:

"I'm most consistent when I have a workout buddy."
"Scheduling a session with you forces me to get to the gym and make it happen."
"I knew we'd be having our check-in phone call, so I decided to be better that day with reaching my water goal."

Although I like to think I provide a lot more than a gym buddy or random appointment in your busy schedule does, I'm happy to be the reason you show up so you can take advantage of the knowledge, support, and guidance I DO provide!

2) A plan:

"I tend to go to the gym and just jump on the elliptical and scroll Instagram."
"I really don't know how to use those machines or how many sets and reps to do with free weights, so I avoid it."
"How much protein SHOULD I be getting a day anyway?"

Even I need a plan. I, too, am tempted to mosey on the treadmill or not push myself as hard in my sets if I don't go into the gym with a (written down) plan. If I haven't set my food goals for the week or prepped up a few extra veggies for snacks, I definitely make choices that don't serve me as well. I'm here to listen to your health goals and plot with you where you want to go and then break that bigger destination down into a step-by-step plan you can use to take meaningful action!

3) Form/technique:

"I like working out, but I'm always nervous I'm going to hurt myself if I try to go a little heavier."
"Why do I never feel sore in anything but the front of my thighs after a bunch of squats?"
"How can I safely work through my knee (/back/shoulder) injury or ease back into movement with diastasis recti or pelvic floor weakness after having a baby?"

I always schedule a 30-minute free consultation with every potential client so we can sit down and discuss your health history as well as the other above goals, fears, and limitations. If we decide to work together after that, our first session will most likely be an assessment session. I'll have you try out some general workout moves and observe how things look and feel at difference ranges of motions and we'll figure out where we can add weight to movements. I'll look out for asymmetries, ways to tweak things to get the most out of movements, and figure out what we can strengthen to support things that maybe don't look or feel quite right...yet. I've helped clients work through various health conditions to return to activities they love, and I, too, have had to work through the mental and physical challenges of overcoming injuries and figuring out how to work out again after a baby!

Basically, I just wanted you to know that if one of the three things above has been keeping you from moving your body or choosing to eat healthy foods consistently, you're not alone! I'm here to help you show up, feel like you know what you're doing, and feel confident in your ability to do it safely and sustainably! I'd love to sit down and talk about how we can work together!

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