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Handy tool you always have with you!

Are you overwhelmed by counting calories and entering all your foods into an app? Are you puzzling over what exactly a macro is and how many you're supposed to be getting each day of each type? Maybe you feel pretty comfortable with those things, but sometimes an unexpected meal out with friends or family stresses you out--you're not in total control over what you're going to be eating! Will it derail your whole day? Instead of feeling overstuffed or off-track, perhaps you strive to just make the best choices you can or wish to and move on! And perhaps you eat all the fries, cheeseburgers, and dessert and move on, too. I don't think food has to be something to dread, regret, or feel guilty about! I invite you to explore how you can make your plates just a little bit better, if that is ultimately going to make you feel more energetic, happier, and healthier.

Here's a tool, below, that you can LITERALLY carry with you to help you if all of the messages you get each day (from outside sources AND inside yourself) leave you feeling less joy around eating than you want! Holler at me if you want more tools like this and more ways you can move away from "white-knuckling" through social situations, the holidays, or even just your daily meals and feel more effortlessly in control of your choices!

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