Let's tackle your goals together!

If you want to make changes to your fitness routine or nutrition habits (or you want to start fresh), let me help you be successful!


What Does "Fitness" Mean to You?

I'm here to help you figure it out and make a plan to achieve it!

Everyone has goals they kick around in their mind:

  • Hiking that mountain, 

  • Finding ways to consistently cook nutritious meals at home,

  • Training for a 10k or other event,

  • Moving and feeling better with age or after injuries...

Or, maybe you just want to shake up your current routine or establish a couple of new healthy habits, but you're not sure what that could look like! 

Let's break down these bigger, lofty goals together into manageable steps that you can start tackling today and finally see progress!


What I Offer

A variety of packages and services to get you rolling!

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One-on-one and Small Group Personal Training

What you get:

  • Support from an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

  • A free 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals

  • Guidance on form and technique

  • Personalized workout plans

  • Motivation to start new routines and create new habits

  • Confidence-building skills you can use forever

  • Some basic nutrition feedback (check out my Nutrition Coaching below for in-depth, personalized nutrition support!)

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Nutrition Coaching

What you get:

  • Support from a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

  • An initial 30-minute consultation to discuss your nutrition or wellness goals in person

  • Check-ins by phone, email, or text (at least) weekly to keep you on track

  • Personalized steps you can put in place to create new healthy habits and behaviors

  • Knowledge and techniques that you can use anywhere you go to sustain your nutrition changes for life (no meal plans, quick fixes, or shakes here!)

Personal training and nutrition coaching sessions can be done anywhere as all training is conducted via Zoom.  All you need is a laptop/tablet (preferred) or a phone and a space to move around in.  We'll use any other equipment or items you already have at home!

You do not need to do both personal training AND nutrition coaching, but you can bundle them together if you would like.  Contact me with any questions on pricing or availability! 

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Cassie H.

After working out with Erica I no longer experience back pain while working out or hiking!  The tips she gave me have significantly improved ALL of my workouts!  Whenever I go to a group class, I think of the things Erica taught me, and I get so much more out of the classes than I used to!"

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